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One thing that both camping and glamping have given us is a variety of different tents to stay in so I have put together a list of 5 best types of glamping tents to help you choose a tent for your next glamping holiday.

What are Glamping Tents?

Sleeping in a tent is the best way to connect with nature, but sometimes camping just isn’t enough. Glamping tents are full-size tents that offer amenities including kitchen, beds, bathroom and electricity. They are a perfect mix of luxury and glamping. 

What are the most popular Glamping Tents?

There are so many different types of glamping tents that it might be hard to choose which one would be the best for your glamping holiday. To make things a bit easier for you, I will share more details on the 5 most popular glamping tents.

Top 5 Most Popular Glamping Tents

1.Safari Tents

safari tent

Safari tents first showed up in Africa and were used for safari tour guests. They are a perfect choice for hot and humid areas and large enough to comfortably fit beds for a family of up to 6 people. They include luxury beds and seats, kitchen area and wood burning stove

2.Bell Tents

bell tent

Bell Tents were first used by the military in the United States and Europe and nowadays they are quite popular for glamping. They are supported by a single central pole and covered with cotton canvas. 

They range in sizes, but often have a spacious interior and are perfect for the large families who like staying outdoors in a more traditional way but with a dose of luxury. They can be fitted with a wood burning stove, showers and comfortable beds.

3.Teepees or Tipis

tipi teepee

Glamping teepees / tipis were made and used by American Native people. They suited their nomadic lifestyle as they were warm, comfortable, sociable and easy to set up/pack away. 

They are made of wooden poles tied together at the top of the structure with a durable canvas wrapped around the poles with a hole at the top to release the smoke, a small door and a window. A fireplace would heat the inside of the tipi in winters. Teepees / tipis are an excellent choice for couples and romantic glamping getaways.

4.Dome and Bubble Tents

bubble dome tent

Dome and bubble tents are circular shaped structures. Dome tents are built from a combination of wood, iron and canvas while Bubble tents are built from a transparent material. They both have a unique design and are an excellent choice for couples or small families. Dome and bubble tents are often used for yoga retreats. They include luxury beds and seats, showers, barbecue and jacuzzi.

5.Mongolian Yurts


Yurts are a portable, circular type of structures with a dome roof covered with durable fabric. They originated from Mongolia, where Mongolian nomads have used them since the 13th century. They can accommodate the full family, are easy to set up/pack away and are very well insulated. They can be used in winter and summer time and often include luxury beds and seating, full kitchen and bathroom, jacuzzi or hot tub.

What is the best type of tent for glamping?

With so many different types of glamping tents, it might be hard to decide what would be the best type of glamping tent for you. I hope my list of 5 best types of glamping tents to stay in will help you make a quick decision.

If you are a couple and looking for a romantic getaway, I highly recommend tipi/teepee experience. For smaller families, sport events or yoga retreats Dome and Bubble Tents are worth a try. If you have a large family with kids you will not go wrong with a Safari tent or Bell tent. If you want to add more luxury to your glamping experience, I recommend Mongolian Yurt.

All of these alternatives are unique and special and whichever you choose you will have an excellent glamping experience.



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