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Glamorous camping or glamping is a growing hit among travelers looking for a stay in nature but not in a classic tent stay due to comfort. Glamping is a luxurious and / or unusual camping that combines top comfort with nature. We take you through 6 best places to go glamping in Europe.

6 Best Places To Go Glamping In Europe

1.​​ Dasparkhotel, Austria


Sleeping in concrete pipes?

An unusual glamping hotel is located along the Danube in Austria near Linz. Das Parkhotel offers accommodation in renovated drainage pipes! Ideal for two hipsters looking for a really unusual place to sleep in nature. There is a second location of the hotel of the same name located in Bottrop in Germany.

You can sleep in the converted drainage pipes from May to October. All pipes have a double bed, luggage storage and a light.

2. Whitepod, Switzerland


Hotel Whitepod in Des Cernies in Switzerland offers luxurious glamping in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The hotel is composed of 15 domes which are actually 18 rooms immersed in nature. 

The domes are a 15-minute walk from the reception and have electricity, heating and a bathroom, as well as great views. The hotel has its own 7 km long ski slope, a ski lift, and in summer you can hike or play tennis. Breakfast is available in the room or in the hotel restaurant.

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3. Treehotel, Sweden


The Hotel on a Tree or Treehotel is certainly already known to many because it is a unique concept of tree houses, each of which is specially designed so that one looks like a bird’s nest, the other a spaceship, etc.

The hotel is located deep in the Swedish forests from where it is fantastic to watch the aurora borealis (it is best to come between September and March), and the nearest town is Harads, 50 km from the Arctic Circle.

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4. Lanzarote, Spain


For those who like warmer areas, the Spanish ecological resort located in rural Lanzarote is a great choice. It is located 2km from the town of Arriete and one of the most famous beaches, and the cabins where you will sleep are different, so you can choose from Mongolian tents with furniture from Bali to somewhat more classic wooden houses. They get electricity from the sun and wind.

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5. Hobbit House, England


You don’t have to go to New Zealand to experience the land of the hobbits. There are plenty of locations in the UK where cottages are buried in the ground and covered with moss available for rent, so if you’re interested in them, check out all the options here.

6. Riverbeds, Scotland


A little less than a 2-hour drive from the famous Loch Ness, you will find Riverbeds, a Scottish glamping sensation in the woods beside the water. Temperatures here are very pleasant in the summer, with an average of 20 degrees, so if you’re running away from the heat, crowds and expensiveness, a trip to the Scottish greenery will be perfect for you. Some of the cabins also have an outdoor jacuzzi.

Have you been glamping in Europe and stayed in awesome accommodation I didn’t mention in my list? If so, let me know in the comments. I’d love to add them to my list of 6 best places to go Glamping in Europe.



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