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Are you looking for books for outdoor lovers to inspire your next outdoor adventure? Then look no further because I have listed some of the best books for the outdoor lovers, whether you are looking to pick up a recommendation or take a book with you on your glamping trip.

I have read some great books recently, so I thought I would share them with you. The list contains books that I still haven’t read, but I hope my selection will inspire you.

Books For Outdoor Lovers

1. Rewild Yourself: 23 Spellbinding Ways to Make Nature More Visible

2. Three Stripes South: The 1,000km trek that inspired the Love Her Wild Women’s Adventure Movement

3. Into the Wild

4. Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube

5. The Source of All Things

6. Ranger Confidential: Living, Working and Dying in the National Parks

7. Walking the Nile

8. The Natural Navigator

9. On Trails: An Exploration

10. Girl in the Woods: A Memoir

11. Lost on the Appalachian Trail

12. Comfortably Wild: The Best Glamping Destinations in North America

13. Glamping with Mary Jane: Glamour + Camping

14. Mary Jane’s Outpost

15. Camp Sunset: A Modern Camper’s Guide to the Great Outdoors

I hope you liked my selection of the books for outdoor lovers and hope you will enjoy reading them as I did.



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