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Are you an outdoor enthusiast but find it hard to get into a tent and sleep on the floor? Did you hear about Glamping or Glamorous Camping? Glamping could be your answer if you want to combine outdoor adventure with the hotel comfort. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 

With the glamping trend on the upswing, growing interest is spreading across the world. If you are asking yourself – What is Glamping? How does Glamping work? Or where to go glamping? Don’t worry, we will go over the basics shortly.

What is Glamorous Camping?

I’ve been asking myself this same question some time ago. What is Glamping? Let’s start from the beginning. 

Camping is one of those things that you love or hate. Even experienced campers have to admit they don’t enjoy night walks to a shared bathroom facility or they wished sleeping on the stony ground could be more comfortable. That’s where glamping comes in. It is suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors but with more comfort.

Glamping is actually camping, but with the amenities of a hotel or even your own home. Glamping allows you to experience outdoor life with fresh air, beautiful surroundings, campfire and other fun activities. On the other hand you can enjoy a comfortable bed, hot water, private showers and even a hot tub.

The word glamping is short for glamorous camping. The word was added to English dictionary only in 2016, but glamping has been around for centuries. Think of nomadic people such as Native Americans and their tipis.

Treehouse Glamorous Camping
Treehouse Glamorous Camping

Glamorous Camping vs. Traditional Camping

Glamorous Camping or Glamping is a type of camping, but with amenities that are not usually connected to traditional camping. The main difference is in the amenities they both offer, such as accommodation, bath and dining. 

Here are some of the main differences between glamping and camping:

  1. Accommodation

When camping, you sleep in a sleeping bag in a tent. This tent could be a small 2 person tent or a larger family tent for up to 10 people. Either way, the floor is dirty. When you are in the tent, you don’t have much room and your sleeping bag are on a dirty floor. 

Glamping accommodation is much more comfortable. You could be staying in a yurt, cozy cabin or even a luxurious treehouse. You will most likely sleep in a bed with a mattress and a comforter. 

  1. Bath

When camping, you might consider yourself lucky if the campsite has a shared bathroom facility. Otherwise, you might use a portable toilet and brush teeth with a bottle of water. 

Are you wondering if glamping sites have toilets? 

When glamping, you could have a full bathroom with hot water right inside your cottage. You might as well enjoy the hot tub or a swimming pool on a glamping site.

  1. Dining

When camping, you will most likely use your propane grill. 

Glampers, however, might enjoy prepping food in their own kitchen.

These might help you decide whether you want to glamp or camp. Either way, both glamping and camping can offer a unique experience depending on your preference. 

Who is Glamorous Camping for?

Glamping is an excellent choice for the people who have never before considered traditional camping or never will. While I do enjoy getting back to basics and enjoying my weekend getaways in a tent, plenty of my friends would never consider sleeping in a tent on a rocky ground on the campsite with the shared bathroom facilities. It is because they are looking for more comfort and that is what Glamping can offer.

If you are looking for the luxury of hotel accommodation alongside adventure camping, glamorous camping is a perfect choice for you. You don’t need to have any special gear, be fit, or have any outdoors experience. Glamping is for everyone. It is great for family glamping trips, glamping with friends or glamping for couples.

northern lights glamorous camping
Northern Lights Glamorous Camping

Where to go Glamping?

You can basically glamp anywhere, from your own backyard to booking a high-end glamping site. You simply have to take everything you enjoy about camping and add in some glamorous amenities.

Sounds simple, right?

When deciding on where to go glamping I normally follow the next 3 steps:

  1. Estimate a budget

Money is one of the biggest factors in any trip planning, so it helps to plan ahead who is going with you and what are your priorities when it comes to spending. Estimating a budget will help you narrow down the location and accommodation type.

  1. Decide where to go

Do you want to travel locally or plan an international trip? Ask yourself what is the most important to you? Safety and comfort? Accommodation and activities? There are many glamping sites featured online today and it’s a great idea to do your research first.

Go through glamping site reviews. What did people do at the glamping site, how did they rate the site, what activities and amenities glamping site offers?

  1. Decide on accommodation and activities

There are plenty of glamping accommodation types, such as yurts, cottages, tipis, treehouses, cabins, huts and so on. Try each of them and see which one you like the most. They all offer different amenities. 

Do you enjoy a hot tub, sitting in front of a campfire or swimming in a lake? Are you into mountain biking, horseback riding, fly-fishing, ATV rides or something else? Each glamping site offers their own activities that you might enjoy. 

Glamorous camping is becoming more and more popular. You will find amazing destinations with their own advantages across the world. You can stay in a tipi on a mountaintop, sleep in a treehouse or enjoy the panoramic views in a lodge. This is just to name a few.

There is so much that the world of glamping can offer you and it’s up to you to book a glamping holiday to suit both your needs and your budget.

How much does it cost to go Glamping?

The prices can range between $35 to $3,000 per night, but the majority of them are under $200 per night (including breakfast).

At the low end, sites are basic and include few amenities. Camping pods are one of the most affordable accomodation types that offer glamping without the luxury price. They might include beds, electricity, kitchen area and even a hot tub.

At the high end, rates are for large lodges or extravagant tents. The prices also often include activities. Great experience is worth every cent but the good news is that they don’t have to cost much.

When to go Glamping?

The good thing about glamping is that you can go all year round. Glamping in the winter can be fun if you like winter activities and enjoy staying in with a wood burning stove. Glamping in summer offers a different experience where you can sit on a terrace and enjoy sunset and beautiful views.  

Why go Glamping?

Glamping is the best way to enjoy being outdoors without compromising your own comfort and has many benefits for your body and mind. Glamping is luxurious camping in nature that can be a vacation for campers with a spirit of adventure, a romantic getaway for couples or a perfect place to stay for families with young children.

What I like about glamorous camping is that there is no right way to glamp. It is all up to you. Find the right mix of luxury and outdoors and enjoy!


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