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Colombia, a beautiful transcontinental country, located in the northern part of South America is a natural paradise for an exciting gateway. Bordered by the Caribbean Sea in the north and a fantastic coastline of the Pacific Ocean in the south, this beautiful country is home to various scenic islands, landscapes, massive mountains, and marvelous beaches. Colombia is rich in biodiversity and has several national parks. Colombia is indeed a perfect holiday destination for travelers of all kinds..

The serene beauty of the country lies in every corner. To enjoy the peaceful natural beauty of Colombia, one must explore the option of luxurious camping, which is called glamping. Glamping offers excellent accommodation choices away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Situated in the middle of the peaceful surroundings, the glamping sites in Columbia offer extravagance in the form of cute cabins and charming tents. To enjoy some of its picturesque sites with peace, one must plan a stay at one of these glamping sites.

Glamping Colombia

Some of the impressive glamping Colombia sites are:

  1. Levit Glamping

Situated in Lago Guatape, the Levit Glamping is the perfect spot for nature lovers. It is an adult-only resort that offers room service. The site has a water park and intimate dining for its visitors. The site offers fantastic facilities such as a beautiful sun terrace and personal balcony in each accommodation unit. The balcony ensures a perfect scenic view of the lake. 

Just take a long peaceful walk in its garden to get fresh air and don’t forget to include some adventurous activities like hiking and trekking at this resort. 

2. Niddo Suesca


Located just 4 kilometers from the town of Suesca, this beautiful 4-star mini resort is a paradise for adventure lovers. It houses several comfortable cabins and tents just 60 kilometers north of Bagora. The area is known as a climbing paradise so when you are here, make sure you include mountain biking, caving, and rock climbing on your list.

A perfect choice for outstanding glamping, the cozy tents of this glamping site include everything needed for a luxurious stay. The resort consists of warm rooms to private bathrooms. Enjoy various breathtaking views from your cabins. The resort comprises some exciting activities for its visitors, including bird watching and massage sessions. Spend some time in peace, staying at the marvelous location of Colombia.

3. The Tayrona tented lodge


This beautiful lodge resort is just an hour’s drive from Santa Marta, and it is a resort that resembles the beautiful locations of Hollywood movies. Tayrona offers everything for an outlandish secluded stay, including a beach and dense rainforest. The resort offers various glamping options for its visitors, and one can choose to stay at budget-friendly camping options or book a rustic eco tent to stay at this resort.

The tents at Tayrona are carefully crafted to offer some incredible views and one can easily walk and enjoy Tayrona beaches. 

4. Nativo glamping


Situated in Barichara, the Nativo Glamping offers perfect accommodation for nature lovers. The resort lets you connect with Mother Nature as it is located in the middle of the local forest. The resort has beautifully crafted tents and shared lounges that offer all sorts of amenities for travelers. The glamping site has seven tents for its guests, and each provides a comfortable stay with a private bathroom and other essential facilities. Each tent opens up to a small terrace to peep into the peaceful surroundings.

Many visitors opt for meditation classes and astronomy lessons while staying at this resort. The designs of the tents are truly exclusive, and they are constructed using Tapia, which ensures unique experiences for each visitor.

5. Bubble Sky Glamping


The charming glamping site in Retiro, Antioquia, offers a delightful stay in a transparent dome. The domes are nicely crafted in the mountains and forest, allowing the guests to enjoy a 360-degree view of the beautiful surroundings.

Each dome has superb facilities, such as an outdoor shower with a private jacuzzi. A comfortable bed with a heater is available to keep you cozy in winter. In summers, the dome turns into a charming accommodation that can let you enjoy a clear, beautiful sky at night. Each dome offers great relaxation with freshly cooked recipes from your barbeque. Spend some time at your dome with stunning views of the site. Enjoy your dream stay at this location.

6. Entre Rios Glamping


The finely crafted tents of the site are prepared to offer a feel of Chic and Boho style. Located in Calarca, Entre Rios is a perfect honeymoon destination that ensures a romantic getaway at a secluded location. Each of its accommodation units sits on a wooden platform. The spacious terrace offers some breathtaking views of the nearby surroundings. The surrounding area has lakes, lush green hills, and rivers to ensure a comfortable stay amidst nature’s best. Plan to explore the nearby sites by cycling or hiking. Fishing is also a good pastime in its adjacent rivers.

Entre Rios Glamping site has wellness facilities such as massage, spa and outdoor pool. It is an ideal location for recharging yourself.

7. Bethel Bio Luxury Hotel


Bethel is a wonderful hotel located in the middle of the Tatacoa desert of Colombia. The Tatacoa desert is a beautiful location in southern Colombia, and Bethel is one of the few staying options available at this secluded place. The resort respects the environment and thus, has its tents created in sync with the ecosystem and helps its guests connect with the natural surroundings.

While staying at this resort, one can visit La Tatacoa Observatory, just 7 kilometers from the site. The hotel offers incredible amenities and additional services, including a personal spa and a shared pool. Spend some time relaxing, getting a view of the Tatacoa desert.

8. Bosko glamping


This beautiful glamping site can easily be reached because it is just 1 kilometer away from Guatape. Bosko is a rural hotel that has several beautiful domes. It is located on the outskirts of Guatape village but ensures to offer all luxurious amenities with charming stay options. Each of its domes is crafted to provide a scenic view of the serene lake. The dome offers a view of adjacent luscious vegetation. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views right from their domes.

Each dome has a private outdoor shower and a terrace for a romantic getaway. Don’t miss enjoying sunrise and sunset while staying at this site, which is an ideal place for a perfect weekend holiday.

9. Lumbre glamping


This magnificent site lies in the middle of the lush green mountains of Cocora Valley just 8 kilometers away from Salento. The accommodations let visitors stay in the middle of the beautiful landscapes of Columbia and offer various stay options, all facing the mountains. The site has double, triple, and quadruple rooms, and it also has choices for a family stay. 

The site is known for organizing themed dinners and walking tours. It has a bar and a restaurant to serve delicious delicacies. When you are here, hiking and mountain climbing should be on your to-do list.

10. Refugio La Totora


The site lies near the beautiful Laguna De La Cocha lake, the second biggest lake in the country. The glamping site is carefully crafted to ensure a home-like experience for guests. Located at the nature reserve, one can view the unique flora and fauna staying at this site.

The site serves local delicacies and offers facilities with all luxuries for maximum comfort of the visitors.


Glamping is fun in a place like Colombia. You have to plan a perfect getaway, and that’s why the glamping Colombia sites mentioned above could be helpful for you. 

You will admire the peaceful surroundings with breathtaking views while staying at any of these glamping sites. Find some time to relax at these amazing resorts with your loved ones, and enjoy the real beauty of nature.



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