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Planning a unique trip to the beautiful Maine? If you’re looking to get away from it all and explore the great outdoors in style, I’ve got the best glamping in Maine list for you.

Maine is one of the most alluring states in the United States. This northeastern-most state of the US is gifted with the enchanting beauty of mountains and lakes. Maine has everything to offer for a perfect holiday. From natural landscapes to rugged deep forests, snowy mountains to picturesque rivers, Maine has everything for its visitors. The state is gifted with elegant Pine tree vegetation; hence it is referred to as the pine tree state. Maine is a state of the highest forests. One can plan a stay at one of the glamping sites located in the middle of these forests.

To appreciate the scenic locations of the state, plan a stay at a glamorous glamping location. Maine features various exotic glamping sites located in serene areas closely connected to Mother Nature. If you wish to enjoy the real beauty of Maine, staying at one of its luxurious and comfortable glamping accommodations is a perfect choice. Most glamping sites are comfy accommodation sites set up in a woody environment, and they offer cozy comfort with all sorts of luxuries. Spend some moments of pleasure, cherishing the breathtaking views of the surrounding.

Glamping in Maine

Here is the list of the top ten glamping sites in Maine that are perfect for a peaceful stay:

  1. Tentrr Signature at Otisfield

Tentrr Signature is a beautiful glamping site crafted on the crooked river. This five-star rated accommodation option is perfect for a comfortable and cozy stay. It is an affordable location located on the riverfront, and the luxurious accommodation of the site is located in the woods of Otisfield. Reaching Tentrr is easy because it is just a 60-minute drive from Portland.

The safari tents offer a magnificent view at the adjacent coastal waters, making it a perfect stay. If fishing is something that you love, include the nearby riverfront in your list. Don’t miss the gorgeous sunset from your canvas tent at this site. Each cabin comes with a properly organized outdoor seating area that is great to spend a few moments of relaxation with your loved ones.

  1. Terramor Outdoor Resort

Offering all boutique hotel amenities, Terramor welcomes guests with natural beauty. The resort is an excellent glamping site located on the west side of Mount Desert Island and offers immersive experiences with beautiful Bar Harbor lying adjacent to it. The resort has about 64 canvas tents carefully crafted to offer luxury at its best. The Terramor is a refinement in the beautiful location.

The resort is famous for its delicious food choices. Visitors can plan to spend some moments of relaxation outside the tent with a freshly brewed coffee or specialty cocktail. Each of the tents is a well-spaced accommodation that offers privacy with comfort. Enjoy some moments of peace amidst the serenity.

  1. A Comfy Dome Glamping site

If you are looking for a comfortable and unique staying experience in Maine, choose accommodation at a comfy dome. This cozy accommodation offers a 360-degree view of nature. Perfect both in winter and summer, the comfortable dome is worthy to enjoy. The dome is carefully placed in the private land of 13 acres, and the eco-friendly domes offer all sorts of luxuries.

Each dome offers facilities of comfort, and it has a cozy queen size bed with other amenities such as bathroom and fire pits.

  1. Tops’l farm

A picturesque glamping destination is a whimsical place for visitors. The Tops’l farm offers a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and amazing culinary experiences that allows you to treat yourself to mouth-watering dishes prepared by a private chef at this glamping site. The glamping site lies along the sparkling river, ensuring a wonderful escape for nature lovers.

The glamping site offers luxuries at its best with its two glamping options. One can plan a stay at the safari-style tent that can accommodate four at a time or at cozy lodge cabins that can accommodate two at a time. It offers a perfect glimpse of natural features with its forests, coastlines, and farmlands lying across the site.

  1. Maine Forest Yurts

Enjoy 100 acres of wilderness at Maine Forest Yurts. Located just a few miles away from Freeport, this glamping site is perfect for nature excursions. The site houses beautifully crafted wooden structures that are fully furnished to offer luxury. Plan to stay at the superb site accommodation that can offer forest experiences.

The simplistic dwellings of the site are located at the edge of a beautiful Durham pond and ensure perfect accommodations to enjoy the serenity with all sorts of comfort. The outskirts of the site offer some interesting activities such as kayaking and canoeing in summer or ice skating in winter time.

  1. Sandy Pines Campground

To add an unforgettable vacation to your list, plan a stay at the serene destination of Sandy Pines Campground. Just ten minutes from Kennebunkport, the location offers various accommodation choices. Each of its camps is crafted to offer luxury with a perfect glamping experience. The site houses a perfect combination of tents, camps, cottages, huts, and domes. One can choose the finest option as per convenience.

The secluded beach and the closely lying coastal surrounding make this ideal for a dream vacation. Each of the retreats offers unique experiences with a tranquil environment. It can accommodate only two guests to let them enjoy some moment of peace, and it is a quieter gateway for all its guests.

  1. Under Canvas Acadia

The glamping site welcomes guests with beautiful waterfront cottages and tents. The site is perfect for a tranquil couple gateway because the site houses romantic tents. It also offers a choice of large tents that can accommodate seven guests at a time. The site ensures a perfect family vacation in a stunning location. Located just across Mount Desert Island, the site offers a glimpse of Maine’s stunning coastline.

All its tents and camps are crafted to offer expensive outdoors with luxuries indoors. The tents bring all luxurious amenities with modern furnishing in the secluded location. The nearby Acadia National Park is worth visiting when staying at this glamping site.

  1. Seguin at Georgetown

Spend an amazing time in custom-designed houses crafted on the tree. The Seguin tree houses in Georgetown are a great gateway to a serene location. The huts of this glamping site are unique and different as they offer all sorts of modern luxury for their visitors. The huts feature a modern interior with vintage decorations with five-star rated amenities.

Seguin is carefully crafted on trees and offers a perfect view of the river. Closely connected to the natural world, each of its huts helps you rejuvenate and reconnect with life. The treehouses are connected with wooden bridges and amazing pathways, ensuring a unique experience.  

  1. Wild Acres Yurt

The beautiful glamping site sits on a private location that is on a 36-acre hobby farm. The nearby forest offers an amazing opportunity to enjoy wildlife at its best. The glamping site is perfect for nature lovers. The venue offers beautiful locations outside and modern amenities inside. You can spend some time relaxing at its pond. One can learn about local animals at the farm and view the countryside’s life.

The specialty of this glamping site includes a 300-acre pond and the nearest wildlife sanctuary. This serene glamping site is perfect for enjoying a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  1. The Woods of Eden

Just a few miles away from Acadia National Park, this glamping site is a perfect accommodation destination in Bar Harbor. The site sits in beautiful 24-acre woodland, and it offers a choice of comfortable wood cottages and canvas tents to enjoy modern comfort with all sorts of luxury. It is a wooden paradise for peace lovers. With a perfect outdoor deck, the camps of the site house kitchen and perfect dining to serve some of the local delicacies.

The tall pine and oak trees around the site ensure unique experiences for its visitors. The famous seaside campsite, just a half-mile from its nearby beach, ensures a memorable vacation for friends and family. When you are free, plan a visit to this beach.

Before you Take Off

When you have already planned your wonderful trip to Maine, make sure to book your accommodation at one of these charming accommodations. These glamping in Maine  options are perfect for letting you soak in the serene beauty of the State. When you are here, find some time to relax at the nearby river or plan a trekking trip to the adjacent mountain range with your family and friends when you are at one of these glamping sites.  



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