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If you are planning your next adventure and looking for the best glamping Utah spots, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are a nature lover, Utah must be on your top list of must-visits. The beautiful destination is gifted with amazing landscapes and beautiful scenery. It has several locations that offer a mesmerizing view of nature. 

Well connected to the natural landscape, it is gifted with some of the world’s best natural parks. This makes it a destination rich with flora and fauna. With the amazing view of mountains, one can also see birds and animals on their adventurous way to one of its natural parks.

Utah – Every traveler’s paradise

Utah is one of the most beautiful locations in the Western United States that attracts thousands of visitors each year. It is a picturesque destination that can be an ideal vacation for adventure and natural beauty. The mountains of the location look amazing when covered with snow and thus offer some of the amazing canvas images to its visitors.

Other than its great adventurous and trekking locations, the place is also famous for its local dishes. When you are here, you must always give a try to some mouth-watering delicacies. You may find several best restaurants serving delicious dishes for their visitors. 

When you are looking for convenience with natural beauty, you must plan your stay at one of its luxurious resorts. These resorts are closely connected to the natural parks of the town and thus offer amazing and scenic views of the closely connected peaks.

The place is rich in natural beauty and thus there are several resorts and glamping spots at some of its famous locations. It is best to plan a stay at one of these locations when you are in Utah. These places are situated in the middle of the natural assets of Utah and offer you an unforgettable and lifetime experience.

The city offers some amazing resorts that are closely connected to nature.  They are a perfect blend of natural beauty and luxurious amenities. These resorts of Utah let visitors enjoy mesmerizing Utah in a wonderful way.  One can plan to stay at one of these resorts to wake up with the chirping noise of birds and to sleep on the cozy beds counting stars under the sky. While planning a visit to Utah, it is a must to book your favorite resort prior.

Glamping Utah – Top 5 Spots 

While visiting Utah, you must include the following top glamping Utah spots:

1.       Conestoga Wagons Resort


It is a beautiful glamping spot located in the serene location of Zion Wildflower. It is one of the finest glamping spots in Torrey. Even when it is located just between nature, it offers some of the finest camp options for both solo adventure lovers and family. 

The resort offers air conditioner camps with comfortable beds for visitors. It offers a unique glamping experience. The resort mimics the look of the 19th-century wagon and thus helps you enjoy the feel of that wagon with utmost comfort. One can step out of this glamping spot to peep into the beautiful and scenic mountains of Utah.

The place is located in a friendly, laid-back environment so as to ensure a comfortable stay. You can enjoy several adventurous activities when you are here because it is closely connected to some of the top adventure and trekking spots. 

The luxurious accommodations offer the best amenities with an amazing view of nature. The resort is famous for its delicious breakfast at its fine restaurant. It is a perfect staying option if you are looking to enjoy entertainment with recreation. It is a pet-friendly resort and has a separate playground for children to play and learn.

2.       Capitol Reef Resort


This serene and luxurious 58-acre resort is located in Torrey, UT. It offers a beautiful Mountain View that can be enjoyed right from the camps. The resorts offer an option to stay at a tent, wagon, cabin, or lodge, each offering one of the finest and luxurious amenities for the visitors. 

The resort has its own kitchen which is open to serving some of the local delicacies anytime you feel hungry. It provides the facilities of the health center, hot tub, and a beautiful outdoor pool. This helps you cherish some moments of pleasure with your family. The resorts offer a unique staying experience in the middle of nature.

It is a resort that opens a gateway to Capitol Reef National Park which is one of the top listed national parks of Utah. The park is just 100 miles from the resort and thus opens a perfect getaway to explore the rich flora and fauna of Utah. It is a comfortable staying option that is perfect for your next adventure trip. 

This glamping place is connected to some of the mesmerizing landscapes, adventure locations, and beautiful spots like Hickman’s Bridge, Fishlake National Forest, Anasazi State Park, and Prehistoric Petroglyph. 

When you are staying here, you must find time to visit some of the amazing locations of the town so as to explore natural wonders like old cliffs, domes, canyons, and natural bridges.

3.       26′ Yurt Cozy Glamping Getaway


If you are planning a group adventurous visit to Utah, then you must stay at 26′ Yurt Cozy Glamping Getaway! This is an amazing campaign resort located just 77 min from Zions National Park. 

It offers 9 bedding accommodations under a single roof which is perfect when you are traveling with your friends. This can help you enjoy amazing glamping group experiences. It is a glamping spot connected to some of the major locations including Zions National Park, Bryce Canyon, Brian’s head. 

This can also be a perfect place to stay when you are in Utah to enjoy Shakespeare & Neil Simon Festival. The resort lets you enjoy several amazing activities like hiking, rafting, and lounging right at the resort itself. The resort offers its personal outdoor activities for its visitors.

The only way to reach the destination is a road crossing a river and the Rocky Mountains which makes it an additional adventure for travelers. If you wish to make your stay at the next level this is the best experience because it is closely connected to nature and does not have its own light. 

One can enjoy a real experience with a generator, electrical heater, and wood-burning stove here. The place is family-friendly and ensures a warm stay and cozy nights. You can look forward to the most tranquil nights in Utah.

4.       Zion Ponderosa Ranch


With different lodging choices, the resort lets you choose your own staying experiences. Zion Ponderosa Ranch is a perfect glamping spot in Utah that offers a luxurious blend of lodging, dining, and recreation. It has about 8 campaign choices that include cabin, wagon, tent, lodge, suites, and homes, etc. 

The resort has access to several adventure activities that can enhance your travel experience. This includes zip-lining, mini-golf, pools, ATVs, horses, jeep tours on mountains, canyoneering, guided hiking, etc.

The resort is closely connected to Zion National Park on its eastern boundary and thus offers a spectacular view of the natural beauty. The beautiful mountain peaks around the resort add up to an amazing charm to your stay at the resort. 

The resort offers some of the delicious local delicacies at its finest dining located right inside the resort. It is carefully crafted to offer an aesthetically pleasing experience in a comfortable atmosphere. If you wish to explore Utah and its natural beauty, you must plan to stay at Zion Ponderosa Ranch.

5.   Bedrock Homestead Cave


The Bedrock Homestead cave resort at Escalante National Monument – Boulder lets you enjoy a stay inside a beautiful red stone cave. It is located at the heart of the Escalante monument and thus is a destination that could offer a whole new experience for visitors. 

The Homestead has several staying options. It lets you stay within the cave and has amenities of a comfortable bed, kitchen, and bathroom. The beautiful balconies planned inside the caves let you peep into the scenic natural beauty of Utah.

The road to this sandstone location is a little off-road and thus getting here can be an adventurous experience for visitors. This makes it an overall exciting experience for travelers. Staying here is a whole new experience that gives a real cave atmosphere. It is a peaceful cave gateway that is the perfect place for yoga lovers. 

Utah is a natural beauty that must be on your list this vacation. Travel to this amazing destination with friends or family and add up amazing memories to cherish a lifetime Utah is rich in history as well as natural beauty. 

When you are here you must plan to stay at one of the serene and peaceful glamping Utah spots to enjoy its panoramic views and portrait landscape. The city is a favorite that must be on the top list of adventure lovers because it has several natural parks that let you enjoy an experience of trekking and camping with a view of snow-filled, beautiful mountains.

Did you go glamping in Utah recently? Let me know if I should add any other glamping spots to my list.



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