page title icon Glamping vs Camping Holidays – Which one is for you?

In case you’ve just heard about the term ‘glamping’ or ‘glamorous camping’ and wondering whether you should go ‘glamping’ or ‘camping’ for your next holidays, we have prepared a short guide that might help you make a quick decision.

If you’re not yet familiar with glamping, be sure to check out an Introductory Guide to Glamorous Camping.

Glamping vs Camping – Which one is for you?

Glamorous Camping or Glamping is a type of camping, but with amenities that are not usually connected to traditional camping. The main difference is in the amenities they both offer, such as accommodation, bath and dining. 

Are you a Camper or a Glamper? There are many differences between those two. Whichever you choose depends on your priorities, needs and what you are trying to get out of nature.

Are you going to choose a luxury glamping hut or snug in your tent?

Cost of Glamping vs Camping

The cost is one of the biggest factors. It all depends how much you are willing to pay for your outdoors experience. Camping is very cheap and all you have to do is have a tent and a basic camping gear. Camping costs can add up, but they are not comparable to glamping costs.

Glamping is more a luxury experience and if luxury is your priority than glamping is for you. 

There are different types of glamping accommodations that you can choose, from glamping pods to tree houses with different amenities. 

Glamping amenities

Let’s talk about 3 main glamping amenities that might be important to consider when deciding whether to go glamping or camping.

  • Sleeping Arrangements

When going camping you will sleep in a tent. Once you are in a tent you don’t have much room other than to fit your sleeping bag. Your sleeping bags will be placed on a dirty rugged floor. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad with that. I personally love it and I’m sure you will have a great time, but it might not be for everyone or not for every occasion.

When glamping, you can choose from different types of accommodations, but most likely you will sleep in a bed with a cozy mattress, pillow and a comforter. Does this sound more appealing to you?

  • Bath

When camping you will most likely use shared bathroom facilities or go behind the bush and brush your teeth with the water from the bottle. Welcome to the wilderness! 🙂 

When glamping, you might have your private bathroom with hot and cold water, soft ply toilet paper and a place to relax.

  • Dining

When camping, you might bring your own propane grill and make some hot dogs or steaks. If you would rather have a fully equipped kitchen just for yourself then glamping is for you. But you must admit both options are not so bad…

Full Experience

With glamping you are restricted to one site and with camping you can pack-up your tent and move to another location. Though, with camping you might feel closer to nature.

If you have younger kids, glamping might be more suited for you. If your kids are older, you might want to teach them how to raise a tent and show the adventures of camping holidays.

It all comes down to personal preference whether you want to go glamping or camping. Many campsites offer both camping and glamping experience, so you can try out both and see which one you like more. 



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