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This hotel is a child’s dream come true: a tree house in a beautiful Scandinavian forest. Scandinavian design does not need to be presented in particular, it is a brand in itself – subtle, discreet, functional and beautiful. And so is the Treehotel Sweden in Harads, in the north of the country.

The sophisticated realization of all boys’ fantasies consists of 7 separate rooms, i.e. houses, each designed by a leading Scandinavian architect. The cottages are located at different heights, from 4 to 6 meters above the ground and can be reached via a ramp, bridge or escalator. One of the houses looks like a bird’s nest, while the other looks like a UFO from old SF movies. There is also one that looks like a real forest hut, tucked among the trunks of trees.

Of all the rooms, the most interesting is probably the one that looks like a cubic body made of mirrors, the so-called Mirrorcube, designed by architectural firm Tham & Videgård. It is interesting because it mirrors the surrounding nature, and it was built on an aluminum frame. Its walls are covered with an infrared film whose color is invisible in the spectrum that the human eye sees, but it is visible to birds that do not flock to the house.


The 7th room is located on Lappish pine trees at a height of 10 meters, overlooking the river Lule. This room is intended for observing the magical Aurora Borealis, and its most magnificent part is the porch which has a floor made of a net through which a branched pine springs. The whole house occupies about 100 square meters, of which 55 square meters of living space, and includes accommodation for five people, two double beds, sofa, living room, bathroom and shower. The house is equipped with furniture made of natural Scandinavian materials, i.e. wood and textiles.

All the cottages were built around living trees, so none were cut down to build a hotel. Each cottage has underfloor hydroelectric eco heating, and instead of sewage, each room is equipped with toilets with an electrical system that drives the ignition and burns all the waste to ashes. Bathrooms are equipped with running water, but showers are located in a separate building, as well as a sauna.


The Treehotel Sweden was started by former nurse Britta and Kent, once a teacher and now a guide for fishermen.

The idea to build a small village with tree houses came from the documentary The Tree Lover, by Swedish director Jonas Selberg Augustsén, in which three men build a treehouse to connect with their rural roots and childhood, only to end up discussing the philosophical nature of the connection between man and the tree.


Open to guests of the Treehotel Sweden, the restaurant on site serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in an authentic 1930s-1950s setting. There is a bar, sauna and space for relaxing and socializing. The price per night is from 350 € to 1200 € depending on the house and the time of year.

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