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Welcome to the Glamping Space blog!

Is there anything better than getting out in the outdoors? To feel reconnected with nature, smell fresh air and hit that trail in front of you. What’s not to love about the outdoors whether you’re into hiking, camping or just exploring around?

My husband and I love going hiking and camping. We often go on weekend getaways to escape everyday life. You will find me hiking in a forest during weekdays too. Not only hiking and camping is a fun thing to do for me, but is also fun to write about and share with others.

It was recently that I discovered the world of glamping (G replacing C in ‘camping’). If you love the idea of camping in the outdoors, but you love comfort, then glamping is the perfect solution for you. Combining the best bits of camping with a dose of luxury and glamour, glamping can be a great experience.  

This blog is the place where I will share everything I learn about glamping as I go. If you have been asking yourself: What is Glamping? Is it right for you? Or How to Find the Best Sites? this blog will give you some answers.

Furthermore, I will share some interesting guides, news and outdoors activities. Stay tuned as we’ve got some exciting articles coming in.

My goal here is to encourage you to explore wildly with comfort!



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