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Tennessee, a grand state in the Southeastern region of the United States is blessed with a number of natural wonders. The stark rocky mountains, scenic national and state parks, beautiful waterfalls, and vast stretches of luscious green woods make the state worth exploring. 

When you are visiting a place so naturally blessed, staying in a luxurious hotel can refrain you from taking the full essence. However, people who have never done camping may not be completely comfortable with it. Thus, for the rescue of all, the concept of glamping came over, which simply means “Glamourous Camping”.  The state of Tennessee is filled with a number of wonderful glamping sites that will provide you with all the luxuries while keeping you connected to the breathtaking surroundings. 

11 Best Places To Go Glamping In Tennessee

Here’s a list of the 11 Best Places To Go Glamping In Tennessee for all you adventure seekers:

  1. Tennessee Glamping at Deer Park

This glamping site has always been on top of the list for creating the first and last impression on the visitors. It is a 12×12 cozy treehouse camping cabin that is close to both the hiking trails and the fall creek state park. 

The well-lit cabin and pathways create an absolute welcoming and romanticizing ambiance for the guest to sit and relax peacefully.  An exquisite range of luxuries has been provided including a comfortable queen-sized bed, lounger, fireplace, outdoor kitchen, and an impressive bathhouse. 

No matter what your mood is, to go out on an adventurous hiking trip or to just sit back with a book near the fire pit, this treehouse lets you do it all.

  1. Airstream Farm Glamping

This Airstream glamping site has been recommended as a complete glamping package by its visitors. Very rightly mentioned by its hosts, this accommodation will take the guests to another world, away from all hustles and bustles of a city straight to the lap of nature. 

The accommodation situated right in the middle of farms has been upgraded and renovated with all the conveniences to fit any family, group of friends or newlywed couples. It is a 500 sqft place including a bedroom that can accommodate four, a separate bathhouse, kitchen, living room, and the front porch with patio seating. 

Guests in this airstream accommodation can experience living in the fresh farmland along with its inhabitants without having to compromise on all the luxuries they want. 

  1. Little Arrow Resort

One of the most luxurious glamping sites available in the grand state of Tennessee is the Little Arrow, which is an outdoor resort.  The resort offers several options of glamping accommodations like luxury glamping tents, lodges, and primitive camps, all with added amenities and homestyle comfort. 

Apart from enjoying the comfortable woody atmosphere of the rooms, there is a lot of sightseeing and adventures you can do when staying at Little Arrows.  You can embrace the beautiful night sky sitting around an outdoor fire pit. 

Visiting the Tuckaleechee cavern, the tallest waterfall in the U.S on a breezy day or taking a day out with the family to the beautiful Dollywood Amusement Park on a beautiful sunny day, would be the best things to make your trip memorable.

  1. Treetop Hideaways

The Treetop Hideaways are among the most loved glamping destinations that have been created with the idea of incorporating modern architecture with rustic treehouses. At Treetop Hideaways you are given the option to choose between two beautifully built luxurious treehouses, naming the Elements treehouse and the Luna loft Treehouse, wherein both of these have their own USPs. 

While the Elements treehouse is made with modernized systems and luxurious facilities, the Luna Loft treehouse on the other hand is designed in an old-fashioned manner with all the softness to give you a royal and relaxing feeling. 

When you are staying at the Treetop Hideaways, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, and other such adventures can be done just in a drive of a few minutes.

  1. Luxury Glamping Geodesic Dome Altamont

Spending a few days in a geodesic dome will be an experience in itself, and stargazing will be one of them! Nestled on a mountain in Tennessee, the daytime scenery is a spectacular one. Including a series of amazing facilities including a well-furnished kitchen, luxurious bathroom, and an incredible observation deck.

This place is an inexplicable invitation for complete rejuvenation and relaxation. Incredibly equipped with extravagances, this is the best option to go off the grid and enjoy life as it was meant to be.

  1. Cowgirl Cabin

Located among the tall trees of the Grandview Plateau, this majestic mansion is unspoiled inside out. It is an immaculate choice for a real luxury camping experience. The interior decoration is top-notch, and the location is undoubtedly unmatched in every sense. 

It is specifically designed for travelers who wish to experience all the extraordinary attractions and activities that the Tennessee countryside has to offer. Make your romantic getaway all the more dreamy in this cabin.

  1. The Bostonian – Treehouse Camping Tennessee

The Bostonian treehouse offers a truly unique vacation experience. This charming treehouse sits in the woods, next to an ostracized quarry pond, on 34 acres of undisturbed land.

Located in the woods next to an ostracized quarry, the Boston Tree House has many unique styles that make it one of a kind, such as the branches that rise from the rustic balcony floor, the staircase that leads to the secluded attic made of hardwood. 

During the day, relax with a good book sitting on the porch, overlooking the pond. At night, relax in a simple yet delightful room. A stay in this alluring treehouse is worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime.

  1. Canopy Ridge

The Canopy Ridge Safari Tent, located on the valley floor, allows you to enjoy breezy and chill nights during the summers. Its services are available every year in the warm months from spring to early fall.

It is best if one is looking for an opportunity to break the monotony of their everyday life, embrace nature and revitalize. In order to experience the peace of being off the grid in a calming setting, this is your best option! Let go of any stress and relax your mind while you freely wander around this beautiful abode.

  1. Under Canvas Great Smoky Mountain

Lower Canvas Great Smoky Mountain is located over 182 acres of lush wooded terrain, just a stone’s throw away from the grandiose entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

This eco-friendly campsite provides a rare and enthralling outdoor experience for the “land of blue smoke”. The star-gazer tent is perfect for those who want to watch the night sky from a comfortable bed. With a private bathroom, wood-burning stove, and private deck, this is the perfect haven for an elevated and fulfilling glamping trip.

  1. Airstream Excella 

Everything we expect to find in the perfect vacation is right here making Airstream Excella a great way to experience nature in a modern and comfortable environment. Originally built in the 1980s, the silver beauty has been cleverly polished to give it a modern feel while retaining those key vintage elements. 

The property occupies a vast area, so when Nashville is only 45 minutes away from the location, you will feel like you are outside the world.  Enjoy the outdoor shower or indoor subway tile shower. Well equipped with a king-size bed and a private fire pit for those misty yet cozy nights. Relaxation, privacy, rejuvenation, and adventure all in a single package!

  1. Porch and Pine Glamping Cabin

This is a one-of-a-kind glamping site on top of the incredible Smoky Mountains. Offering a rustic as well as modish touch Porch and Pine can be the best choice for your glamping plans. In view of the small space, the interior decoration is charming, vivid, and intrinsically designed. The century-old tobacco barn makes a mystical view.

Equipped with modern appliances and retro cabinets, this is a perfect blend of the old and new. You can relax and spoil yourself with the immaculate beds, a super functional kitchenette, and an exquisite shower. Don’t miss the fairy-tale tour of this fascinating attraction.

Before you take off 

Visiting a state so naturally exalted and reconnecting to nature, can be the best detox ever for anyone. With this list of all the welcoming glamping destinations, there should be no rethinking needed from your side. 

Take a break from your stressful life, pack a pair of hiking shoes, and set off for a life-changing experience in the breathtaking surroundings of Tennessee. Let me know in the comment section below, which glamping Tennessee places did you find the most interesting?



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