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Considering going Glamping? Here’s Your Helpful Guide

You’re probably familiar with the term glamping but there are a few things to consider before actually going glamping. One of those things is choosing a type of glamping accommodation. After I did my research some time ago, I was thrilled to discover so many different types of unique glamping accommodation, from a tipi tent to a tree house. These unique hotel alternatives are so inspiring and can offer amenities of the best luxury vacation.

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What are the most popular types of Glamping accommodation?

Can’t decide on the type of glamping accommodation? Check out below some of the most popular glamping accommodation types to find out which suits you best.

Glamping Pods

glamping pod

What are glamping pods? Glamping Pods are simple wooden huts that can range in size. On the low end, they have beds, table, chairs and a wood burning oven. On the higher end, they have electricity and a fully equipped kitchen. They can offer camping experience but with special amenities. Compared to traditional camping, glamping pods provide excellent protection from the wind and rain.

Bell Tents

bell tent

Bell Tents are one of the most popular tents nowadays. Simple in design and structure they are supported by a single central pole, covered with cotton canvas. 

They range in sizes, but often have a spacious interior and are perfect for the people who like staying outdoors in a more traditional way but with a dose of luxury. Depending on the site, they might offer heating, AC and showers.

Safari Tents

safari tent

Safari tents have existed for hundreds of years already. Kings, nomads and hunters have used them for portable lodging. Nowadays, safari tents are mostly used for luxury African safari trips and lately for glamping holidays.

Safari tents are often large in size, supported by a framework of poles and often have a hard flooring. The walls and roof are made of weather-resistant and durable canvas. 

Glamping Yurts

glamping yurt

Have you been wondering, ‘what is a glamping yurt?’  A yurt is a portable, circular type of structure, made of wood and covered in fabric. They are originally from Mongolia, where Mongolian nomads have used them since the 13th century. They can accommodate the full family, are easy to set up and are very well insulated.

Tipis or teepees

tipi teepee

Glamping tipis or teepees originated from American Native people who used them for their nomadic lifestyle and are tend to be warm, comfortable, sociable and easy to set up. 

It is made of wooden poles tied together at the top of the structure with a durable canvas wrapped around the poles with a hole at the top to release the smoke, a small door and a window. A fireplace would heat the inside of the tipi in winters. 

Gypsy Caravans

Gypsy Caravan

Gypsy caravans were used by Gypsy travellers as they were great for their nomadic lifestyle. Today they became popular with glampers as a unique way to enjoy the world around.

Shepherd Huts

shepherd hut

Shepherd huts are portable structures on wheels allowing nomads and shepherds to move with ease. Today glampers enjoy staying in these shepherds huts. They have been modernized and often include hot water, bathroom and comfortable beds.

Tree House Glamping

tree house glamping

Is there anything more cool than a glamping stay in a tree house? They come in all shapes and sizes, can be made of wood or canvas and are not meant to be used only for kids’ play.  

Glamping Cabins 

glamping cabin

Glamping cabins are the ultimate glamping choice. Tucked into the wilderness they are a perfect way to go glamping. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes with the comfort of a 5 star hotel. Cabins can be A shaped, elevated or tented.

Glamping Huts

glamping hut

Huts are one of the best glamping experiences. In the past they were popular in nomadic cultures. They can be made of wood, branches, snow, ice, straw, fabric or palm leaves. Glamping huts are built primitively and are mostly used during season as they do not offer comfort like hotels, but for sure are better choice than tents.

What are some of the most unique types of Glamping accommodation?



Originally built by Inuits in the north of Canada and the United States, these homes are perfect for a winter glamping vacation. You would be surprised to find out that the temperature inside is not so cold and can get up to more than 10°C just by human heat. Just make sure you dress properly and you’re ready for some winter activities, such as ice-fishing, dog sledding or snowmobiling.


dome tent

Domes are modern structures offering high level of comfort without having any negative impact on the environment. They are built in the shape of a dome and from a combination of wood, iron and canvas.


bubble dome tent

Bubble domes are circular shaped structures covered with transparent material. They look exactly like bubbles with a see-through top so that glampers can enjoy the views of the sky. They have a minimal negative effect on nature and offer comfortable and warm accommodation. 


glamping cave

These underground structures can transport you back to time without advanced technology. Though they have tables, beds and lights, some of them might even have electricity. You might find cave sites with historic importance that people might have used in the past for different purposes. These have been transformed nowadays to offer a unique glamping cave-man experience.

Hobbit Houses

Are you a fan of the Lord of the Rings? If so, you will love your hobbit getaway.

These unique structures are well blended in nature and surrounding landscapes, cool in the summers and perfect as a shelter all year around.

Floating Homes

floating house

Glamping on the water can be one extraordinary adventure. You can choose between an anchored houseboat, a floating cabin, a cabin on stilts,or a hut in the middle of a lake. Nevertheless, if you are into water adventure you will have a great time.

Besides the above, some of the glamping experiences might include stays in castles, towers, train carriages, planes, lighthouses and other interesting structures. The possibilities for glamping experience are endless. Each of these glamping accommodation types offers a unique experience depending on your needs and the level of your adventure spirit.

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