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Washington State or famously called ‘The Evergreen State‘, located in the Pacific Northwest area of US is one of the most popular states for hiking, camping, glamping and different activities for all nature lovers. 

If you like exploring the great outdoors with some luxury and comfort, I have great news for you. Glamping is becoming ever more popular in Washington State and offers a plenty of glamping sites to choose from. 

The natural scenery of Washington State is beautiful, the terrain is diverse and includes forests, volcanoes, crystal clear lakes and rivers, mountains and islands. There’s a great number of national parks too. Located between amazing British Columbia and beautiful Oregon State, this state has some wonderful things to discover.

Washington State Regions

Olympic Mountains region, located on the northwest side of Washington, is one of the best places to enjoy nature in Washington State. There you will find mineral springs and water and many wild areas that have never been explored. It’s no surprise that Olympic Mountains region is very popular for glamping and offers a wide range of different glamping accommodations

Coast Range of Washington State is known by Willapa Hills that overlook Willapa Bay with a great number of rivers and valleys.   

Puget Sound is known by the cities including Seattle, Tacoma and the capital Olympia. Most of the Washington State’s population lives in this region. Nevertheless, Puget Sound region offers many opportunities for nature lovers and glampers to escape from the busy city life.

Cascade Mountains region is well-known for its high mountain peaks, like the highest peak in Washington Mt. Rainier, as well as Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams, Mount Baker and Glacier Peak. You will find these high mountains with glaciers and a permanent snow cover. The lower mountains are on the other hand covered with beautiful forests. One of the most popular areas for nature lovers is Mt. Rainier National Park.

Southeast region is not very populated and is known for valleys and deep fertile soil. This region supports most of Washington’s farming.

A part of the Rocky Mountains goes through the northeast of Washington State. This area is called the Columbia Mountains and it is known by Columbia River and many ridges, canyons and valleys.

Washington State is the perfect place to get away from the city life and enjoy the great outdoors. I have listed the top 10 best glamping sites in Washington State for your next glamping experience.

The Best Glamping Sites in Washington State

Note regarding our price rating system: $ includes accommodations less than 100 dollars per night, $$ means you will pay between 100 and 200 dollars per night, and $$$ are pricier options charging over 200 dollars per night.

  1. Underground Hygge

The Underground Hygge is a quirky hobbit house hand-built into the Columbia Gorge mountainside by its owner Kristie. The hobbit house doesn’t have a kitchen but you can freshen up in the bathtub-for-two and get ready to explore the amazing surroundings.

You will have six acres at your disposal to hike, play and relax with absolute privacy. If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings you will be in heaven. This glamping site is perfect for romantic glamping getaway in Washington State.

Location:Orondo, Washington
Amenities:heating, hot water, indoor fireplace, coffee maker, patio, backyard, free parking
Great for:couples
Activities:hiking, wildlife-watching, reading, creative pursuits, off-grid relaxation

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  1. Sky Haus 

Sky Haus is a cozy A-frame cabin located close to ski slopes and some of the best hikes in the Cascade Mountains region. The Sky Haus cabin has a loft bedroom with 4 beds, fully equipped kitchen and the hot tub just outside of the cabin.

A perfect glamping site for short breaks and family getaways in rural Washington.

Location:Skykomish, Washington
Amenities:sleeps up to 4, heating, hot water, indoor fireplace, kitchen, hot tub, dog-friendly
Great for:families, groups
Activities:hiking, walking, cycling, skiing, wildlife-watching, private beach

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  1. Tiny Tack House 

A charming Tiny Tack House located close to the Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains was hand-built by husband and wife. The Tiny Tack House has a queen size bed, well-equipped kitchen and bathroom.

The space has been fully maximized with a fold-down couch and a folding table and it can accommodate up to 3 guests. The house offers plenty of natural light with 12 windows in total.

Location:Everett, Washington
Amenities:sleeps up to 3, well-equipped kitchen, bathroom, heating, breakfast, BBQ grill 
Great for:couples, small families
Activities:Onsite: walking, hiking, cyclingOffsite: wine tasting, clam digging 

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  1. Romantic Glamping Wall Tent

Romantic Glamping Wall Tent is located on Whidbey Island, just a ferry away from Seattle.

This glamping site has 2 beautiful safari tents on a private 3-acre residence with organic vegetable garden, grape vines and fruit trees in Greenbank, Washington.

Both tents have one queen size bed. The bathroom facility is located outside with a rain-water sink and a solar power lighting. A perfect place for a romantic weekend getaway.

Location:Greenbank, Whidbey Island, Washington
Amenities:sleeps up to 2 per tent, kitchen, outdoor bathroom with a hot shower, heating, BBQ grill 
Great for:couples
Activities:walking, hiking, cycling, games

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  1. Yurt Glamping in Seattle

Have you considered glamping in Seattle? This amazing yurt is located in a private fenced cottage garden in the highly desirable Admiral District in Seattle. Admiral District is close to well-known Alki Beach, it is full of shops and restaurants within walking distance and just 10 min of drive to Seattle core.

The yurt is fully equipped with the kitchen and bathroom and can accommodate up to 4 guests. A perfect place for the city glamping. 

Location:Seattle, Washington
Amenities:sleeps up to 4, kitchen, bathroom, free parking, heating, backyard
Great for:couples, families
Activities:walking, hiking, cycling, children’s games and toys, exploring Seattle

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  1. C+A+V+E 

C+A+V+E is a glamping site built into an actual cave. It has 2 bedrooms with four beds and it can accommodate up to 8 guests. The cave has a bathroom with heated floor, a fully equipped kitchen and a cozy living room with a fireplace.

Outside of the cave you can find a hot tub and a second fireplace. A truly unique glamping site in Washington that you must visit.

Location:Leavenworth, Washington
Amenities:sleeps up to 8, kitchen, bathroom, hot tub, fireplace
Great for:families, small groups
Activities:walking, hiking, cycling, wildlife watching, relaxing

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  1. Treehouse with Panoramic Views in Olympia 

This unique treehouse located in the middle of the cedar forest on a 14 acre estate in Olympia offers a peaceful and a cozy escape from everyday life. If you want to drift off to sleep in the branches with the rain on the roof, and wake up with a gorgeous wetland forest all around you, the treehouse is a perfect choice for you. 

This amazing treehouse has one bedroom with a double bed and can accommodate up to 2 guests. It has a half bathroom with a compostable toilet and an outdoor shower.  The top portion of the treehouse has skylights for viewing the trees around the campsite. A great getaway for nature lovers or those looking for social distancing close to Olympia.

Location:Olympia, Washington
Amenities:sleeps up to 2, kitchen, half bathroom, compost toilet, fire pit, propane grill, large deck
Great for:Couples, small weddings
Activities:walking, hiking, cycling

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  1. Rolling Huts 

Located in Washington’s Methow Valley, Rolling Huts are the perfect glamping site if you’re into hiking, mountain biking or cross-country skiing. The site has six huts grouped as a herd with beautiful views on the mountains.

Each hut has a sleeping platform that is perfect for 2, but 2 more guests can sleep in the living room. The huts have a portable toilet. Full bathrooms and showers are located in a central hut a short distance away.

Location:Winthrop, Washington
Amenities:sleeps up to 2 (+2), refrigerator, microwave, portable toilet
Great for:couples, families
Activities:walking, hiking, cycling, skiing

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  1. Moroccan Theme Glamping Wall Tent

If you are looking for a romantic island getaway close to Seattle, this charming glamping site will make you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, with all the comforts and luxury of the indoors.

This Moroccan themed glamping offers a queen sized bed with a full size sofa, a table and chairs for a romantic dinner for two and a private deck.

The tent is located on a 3 acre estate on a Whidbey Island, just a ferry away from Seattle. 

Location:Greenbank, Whidbey Island, Washington
Amenities:sleeps up to 2, outdoor shared kitchen, Tiki bar, hot outdoor shower, outdoor toilet
Great for:couples
Activities:walking, hiking, cycling, beautiful scenery

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  1. Bubble Glamping “Under the Stars” 

A unique bubble dome tent located in Hoodsport on a 68 acre estate offers a perfect escape from the noise and clutter of modern life. The transparent tent allows you to see and fall asleep under the stars and wake up watching the sun rise.

The site has an outdoor kitchen, a shower and a hot tub. All guests get a welcome basket with garden-grown veggies and herbs.

Location:Hoodsport, Washington
Amenities:sleeps up to 4, 1 queen bed, 1 air mattress, 1 floor mattress, outdoor kitchen and shower, hot tub
Great for:families, couples
Activities:walking, hiking, cycling, beautiful scenery, beach

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Here’s a quick summary of the best sites of Washington State Glamping:

Washington State has so many great places to discover and I hope you liked my selection of top 10 glamping sites. You will be amazed by these beautiful sites when you visit them.

Happy Glamping!



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