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Are you one of those people who bring their king size air mattress to a camping site?

Either way there is a good chance that your camping site is more glamorous than you think.

Glamping is a new trend and offers more luxuries on your camping trip. If you want to enjoy your camping trip to the fullest, a glamping trip is an adventure waiting for you.

Like for any camping trip you need to have some accessories and gear and to help you choose the most important ones, I have listed the top 10 Glamping Accessories that will make your glamping trip more luxurious and comfortable anywhere in the backcountry. 

10 Glamping Accessories for your next glamping trip:

  1. Stout Bell Tent
Livit adventures glamping

You can’t go glamping without one of the most important glamping accessories, a glamping tent. I highly recommend the Stout Bell Tent if you want to enjoy your camping trip with the most comfort and luxury. 

Stout bell tent is made of sunforger treated canvas, the world’s best fabric for tent making. It has a thick PU-coated groundsheet that will protect you from the both muddy ground and floods. 

Stout bell tent is spacious and you can easily fit 4 queen size beds inside. It is a great choice for festivals, events and yoga retreats. It comes with a zip in and zip out groundsheet so that you can roll up the tent walls and enjoy the maximum ventilation. 


Tent Body MaterialCotton Canvas
Floor MaterialHeavy Duty PVC
SlidersPro Metal
Frame5-foot A Frame

DANCHEL OUTDOOR Luxury Stout Bell Tent offers maximum luxury and comfort so that you can enjoy your glamping trip to the fullest. It is great for both winter and summer camping, glamping or festival events. The tent is waterproof and windproof, it can be used for family in a yard, grassland or forest.

  1. Recliner Luxury Camp Chair

Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair is a perfect choice for your glamping trip. This luxury camping chair is a combination of a rocking chair and the hammock and provides the greatest comfort. Nemo Stargaze chair has a water resistant mesh that lets air flow freely so you can recline by the shore in the heat of the afternoon. 

It is easy to pack-up, it has an aluminium suspension frame and is designed for use on any surface, including rocky, sandy or uneven ground. Nemo Stargaze luxury chair is made to take your glamping trip to a new level.


Water ResistanceYes
Chair SwingsYes
Cup HolderYes
MaterialNylon / Water Resistant Mesh

  1. Portable Hot Water Shower

What can be better than taking a hot shower in the great outdoors? That is why you should have a portable hot water shower system on your glamping trip.

One of the best hot water showers that you can buy is Coleman Hot Water on Demand H2Oasis Portable Water Heater. A powerful propane operated shower system that delivers the perfect hot shower on your glamping trip. This shower system dispenses hot water in as little as 30 seconds. 

The water can be heated from 54 °F to a maximum temperature of 125 °F. It’s perfect for washing the dishes, taking a shower, or even preparing a hot beverage after a long day of adventure. The shower head can be used as a sink faucet or as a handheld sprayer with the 6-foot hose.

The Coleman water heater has a built-in lithium-ion battery, which can be charged from your car outlet that powers the electric pump and LED display. This water heater is an excellent choice if you are in a need of comfortable hot water while enjoying an outdoor adventure.

  1. Portable Evaporative Cooler

If you are looking for a portable evaporative cooler for your glamping trip, Honeywell Indoor Outdoor 100 Pint Evaporative Cooler is a great option for you.

Honeywell Indoor Outdoor 100 Pint Evaporative Cooler has a large 12.6 gallon water tank with the top loading ice compartment and continuous water supply connection option. It will provide you with a cool humid air up to 610 sq. ft. (57 sqm). 

It also includes an automatic shut off for energy savings and has 3 speeds to choose from so you can control how cool air you need. The cooler is waterproof and comes with water resistant exterior in extreme outdoor conditions like heavy rain and strong sunlight. A perfect addition to your glamping trip.


Weight29 lbs
Coverage610 sq. ft. (57 sqm)
Fan Speeds3
Water Tank Capacity12.6 Gallon

  1.  Portable Washing Machine

Now you can keep all of your clothes clean and stay fresh on a glamping trip with a Gizmos Portable Washing Machine. You can take your portable washing machine to your camping site and wash your clothes without a problem. 

It features both a washing tub and spinning tub with the washing capacity of 7.9 lbs (3.6 kg) and a spin capacity of 4.4 lbs (2 kg). Each tub has its own set of timers and wash tub has different wash modes to match your needs. Washing/spinning time is from 5 to 15 minutes. It comes with a lint filter that collects any debris to make your cleaning efficient on your glamping trip. 

It has a compact and light design that allows you to take on any glamping trip and run without any hassle. All you need is access to water and a drain area.


Tub DesignDual
CapacityWash – 7.9 lbs (3.6 kg), Spin – 4.4 lbs (2 kg)
Timer5 – 15 min
Controls3 Independent

  1. Portable Cooler

Igloo Trailmate 70 quarts Journey Cooler  will be a great addition to your glamping trip. Featuring an ultratherm insulated body and lid that can retain ice up to 4 days. It has a capacity of 70 quarts or 66 litres where you can easily fit up to 112 12-ounce cans. 

A durable 10 inch wheels will help you roll the cooler on all terrains such as dirt, grass or sand. Weighing about 34 lbs the cooler has a telescopic handle that allows more convenient pulling and transport. 

It also has 2 built-in bottle openers on each side of the cooler along with the cup holders located on a lid and a butler tray. The lid also features a mobile device stand for comfortable viewing experience. 

There is also a water resistant lockable dry storage box to keep your personal items safe, The stainless steel and rust resistant parts along with the aluminum construction deliver durability. Looks like you’ve got yourself a winner that will serve you well on any glamping trip.


Weight34.7 lbs
Capacity70 quarts (66 l)
Ice Retention Time4 days
Cup holderYes

  1. Portable Charcoal Grill

Now you can experience reinvented grilling with a Solo Stove Grill, a unique griller that lets you spice up your glamping trip with delicious meals.

The Solo Stove Grill is made of 360° airflow technology that creates a convection cooking environment meaning you will use less charcoal, get cooking faster and enjoy ideal cooking temperatures for up to 45 minutes.

It is simple by design and is easy to clean, The grill tools are made of 304 stainless steel. The Solo Stove Grill burns with almost no smoke so you’ll spend less time dodging smoke, your clothes will not smell and you will spend more time enjoying campfire on your glamping trip.  


Technology360° Airflow Technology
Materials304 Stainless Steel
Weight43 lbs

  1. Portable Gas-Powered Generator

One of the glamping accessories that is good to have is a portable gas-powered generator, in case your glamping site doesn’t provide electricity. Portable generator Honda EU2200i has the ability to empower the wide variety of appliances and can operate pretty smoothly making it one of those most essential things for your glamping trip. Whether it’s a refrigerator or a large TV the Honda EU2200i will bring you enough power.

It weighs 47 lbs, it is powered by a 120 cubic ccm gxr 120 engine it always delivers fuel efficient performance to get the job done also operating at 48 to 57 decibels it generates less noise than a normal conversation making it ideal for glamping, camping or any other activity that requires quiet operation. 

Moreover, it offers excellent fuel efficiency running 3.2 to 8.1 hours on capacity of 0.95 gallon depending on the load. Besides Honda’s inverter technology ensures inverter generators produce power that is reliable as the power you get from your outlets at home.

Super efficient, silent and incredibly portable the Honda EU2200i is built for any activity such as glamping, camping and many more.


Fuel Tank Capacity0.95 gal
Run Time per Tankful3.2 – 8.1 hrs depending on load
Noise Level48 to 57 decibels depending on load
Dry Weight46.5 lbs

  1. Portable Projector

If you want to elevate your movie watching experience, Anker Nebula Capsule Max, a pint-sized Wi-Fi mini projector, is one of the accessories that will let you take your entertainment to the maximum on your next glamping trip. 

This mini portable projector comes with 200 ANSI lumen lens and DLP technology and lets you watch videos in excellent 720p resolution. In addition it comes with 8 watt speakers with crystal clear sound and up to 4 hours video play time.

With the built-in wi-fi you can easily connect the Nebula projector to your smartphone and stream your favourite show to make your glamping trip more enjoyable. Packed with a 9700 mAh battery it offers up to 4 hours of playback time and comes in a compact size so that you can easily carry it with you anywhere. 


Lumens200 ANSI
Resolution1280 x 720
ConnectivityWifi and Bluetooth

  1. Portable Wireless Speakers

Portable wireless speakers are a must if you want to make your glamping trip fun. Play your favourite music on LG PL7 XBOOM wireless speaker with high quality sound and design.

LG PL7 XBOOM wireless speakers have passive radiators on each side with multi-color led lights that change the color with the rhythms of the beat. LG PL7 is a 2 channel speaker that delivers music through 2 x 2.3 inch woofers with sound boost mode. 

You can play your favourite music through bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, from your PC and non-bluetooth devices via the 3.5mm AUX jack. 

You can enjoy the premium quality sound with deep bass, rich tones, clear vocals for up to 24 hours which makes those speakers a perfect addition to your glamping trip.


Battery Life24 hours
Water ResistantYes
Smart AssistantGoogle Assistant, Siri

All these accessories are what one might call “luxury items,” but if you take your outdoor adventures seriously, you might want to get some of them for your next glamping trip. 



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