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Glamping is for the people who want the best outdoor experience and when it comes to glamping, pods are the ultimate choice and one of the most popular type of glamping accommodation. Here is all you need to know about glamping pods.

What are glamping pods? 

Glamping pods are simple wooden huts that can range in size and offer perfect getaway to unwind and relax. Compared to traditional camping, pods provide excellent protection from the wind and rain. Just think of a small cabin you might rent in a campground and replacing your tent with a small cabin with a bed. 

What’s inside a glamping pod? 

In case you’ve been wondering, ‘Do glamping pods have toilets?’ or ‘ Do glamping pods have beds?’ I will try to go into more details.

Pods offer camping experience but with special amenities, depending on your personal choice and your budget. At most glamping sites you can choose to stay in a pod that is already furnished with beds. Some glamping pods can be more luxurious and offer more amenities including bathroom and a full kitchen. 

On the low end, pods have beds, table, some chairs and a wood burning stove. On the high end, they can have electricity, toilets, a fully equipped kitchen and even a hot tub. 

Take a look inside these stylish pods available for rental:

Romantic Getaway Glamping Pod for 2 with hot tub located on a golf course and private estate in the Glencoe Valley in UK

Romantic Getaway Glamping Pod for 2 with hot tub

Cozy Glamping Pod for 4 in…


Are Glamping Pods warm?

Yes, indeed, pods are warm and you can stay in the pod all year long. Glamping pods are made of wood and wood offers excellent protection from snow, wind or rain. On top of that, you can expect to have a wood burning stove in your glamping pod that will make you feel even more cozy.

The Cost of Glamping in a Pod

The cost of staying in a pod varies from place to place, but you can generally expect to pay between $100-$300 per night, depending on location and amenities. The average cost of a stay in a glamping pod is around $200. 

Glamping Pod or Camping Tent – which one to choose?

Let’s look at what glamping pods offer that tents don’t:

  • Pods offer better protection from different weather conditions and might have a heating or air conditioning.
  • Most glamping pods often include toilets, while staying in the tent you have to share toilet facilities or go behind the bush.
  • Pods might have electricity, so you can plug and charge your phone,  camera or even a heater. When staying in a tent you often depend on portable chargers.
  • Some pods might have a fully equipped kitchen, so you can prepare a fresh morning coffee and cook a delicious meal. 
  • Pods are safe and have doors that you can lock. 
  • No setup needed like for the tents. Pods are already built and prepared for your stay.

‘Glam pod’ should definitely be on your bucket list. Not only is it cosy and unique, but it is one of the best ways to see the places rather than staying in a simple tent. They are great for any occasion, whether you are going on romantic getaway or looking for glamping experience with the whole family.

Check out some of the popular Glamping Pod stay ideas:



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